Paul has been a boxing practitioner for over a decade and is excited to share his experience, passion, fun and energy with you!

While Paul achieved his BS in Biology at SFSU, he became a certified Health Coach with UCSF. Paul most recently completed Harvard Medical School’s Health and Wellness, nutritional planning course, to help his clients with fat loss and weight management. Having gone through his own fat loss journey, Paul’s main focus is to make fitness fun while helping clients better understand nutrition and build a healthy sustainable diet. “Struggling with weight and nutrition throughout my life, I have a passion to help others build happy healthy lives through fat loss and weight management. I believe the energy we put into the world comes back to us, which is why I choose to be supportive, empowering, and optimistic in every room that I’m in.”

Paul’s Boxing classes empowers you mentally and physically so you’ll be ready to take on anything that life throws at you!