The Experience

Life can be crazy and with the demands of work, family, and life, it’s tough to squeeze in the time to commit to YOU and your fitness and wellness goals. We all know that taking time for yourself is the most important thing, but often the first thing we neglect.

There are many studios that offer great classes but might not give you the variety of workouts your body needs to keep you challenged and not plateau. 

At FLEXX Studios Burlingame, our fitness instructors are highly trained and qualified to provide you with form-focused adjustments that will push you to your personal limits without compromising your safety and giving you the best workout in every class you take.

We care about your safety and are focused on form, technique and your personal goals!

FLEXX Studios Burlingame delivers core-focused, high intensity, full-body power workouts in just 40 and 50 minute small-group classes. Increase your flexibility, balance, coordination and strength and conditioning.  Maximize your results with the FLEXX experience.